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Pros ans Cons Of Free WordPress themes

In the day and age of digital media, digital content has taken a huge leap over a few years. WordPress is one such platform that lets you maintain a digital presence with your creative content. Although content is important, something we can’t deny is the theme of your WordPress domain. With multiple free themes and premium theme options, we are usually confused about what to pick.

Often developers offer free WordPress themes that seem to be a preferable option, just because it has free in its prefix.  But free WordPress templates are not always the best WordPress templates. A new blogger will definitely prefer Free WP templates over paid or premium, oblivious of the disadvantages and problems most popular free WordPress themes have. There is a reason why they are free, and you cannot believe when they claim to be the best free WordPress themes, because nothing best in the world comes for free. Here are some reasons why free WordPress themes are not as good as premium.

Few Major Disadvantages Of Free WordPress Themes

No Support; Whatsoever!

Developers who provide free WP templates do not provide any query support, whatsoever. They are not obliged to reply to any bug report, which is bound to happen in a free theme download. The company neither helps you through the installing process, nor does it update your theme as they change their own coding, which leads your site to a risk. The developers give out free themes and later for updates ask you to upgrade to premium or pro version which is again not free. Hence, if you are going to pay for it eventually, why not buy it in the beginning itself.

Less Functions, More Concerns!

A free WordPress theme however, does not provide any in-built features or functions. Where in a premium WordPress theme you are provided with multiple choice for Premium slider plugins, contact forms, ticket support plugins, etc. integrated into the theme, the free WordPress theme often does not even provide creating buttons, using short codes, or create landing pages, etc. henceforth, all these features are again provided in their updated version which are eventually not free.

Exclusive? I Doubt It!

Most of the popular free WordPress templates claim to be exclusive and unique, but if it is free and is easily available, I doubt it has anything exclusive. A very major disadvantage of a free WordPress theme is its monotonous patterns that could be used by multiple users. Each individual wants to have theme that defines them and their work, but because of the not so unique designs and templates, your site is one of the many and is not able to stand out.

Oops! You Are Bugged.

We are all aware of the fact that free sites often carry bug files and corrupts the system in multiple ways. Another disadvantage of getting a free WordPress theme is there are multiple links that appear on your site, which affects the search engine optimisation that eventually affects your rankings, and because there is no obligation, these developers do not provide any kind of guaranty or warranties that you can redeem if such issues arise.

Shortcut Or Shorter Shelf Life.

It may seem that, free WP templates are a shortcut and saves your money, but one does not realize the price you might have to pay later. Due to all the above mentioned issues and hassles you might have to change your theme quite often. One might think that change would be nice but you are wrong. Just as the brand has its logo that isn’t changed sometimes even for decades, to maintain its identity that is stuck in the consumer’s brain. Similarly, for a blogger its theme builds its identity. For a regular reader who visits your blog has a sense of attachment to the way your website is, may it be the colour or the way the functions appear. Frequent changes might cost you loss of potential readers.

Sp..ee..d is still loading!

We all hate it when the websites we love run slow. It isn’t the best free WP theme you were promised after all. With the bugs and multiple encrypted links your site tends to lose its speed. Many of these free themes have a bloated coding that leads to low speed. This problem is mainly effected in mobile phones, and as keeping in mind the current cell phone generation, most of the readers are using a device that is compatible and easy to use while travelling or someplace where a computer system is not accessible, hence the mobile phone. But with more and more people reading blogs off their mobile phones can sabotage your readership.

Heads up, you’re Hacked!

Just as an office needs security, because it is a place of work and has your private details and information. Similarly, for bloggers WordPress plays the same role. Therefore, to keep your content safe, your WordPress theme needs to be upgraded on a time to time basis or else because of its weak coding and bugs, your content is prone to get hacked. These free WP templates are later not upgraded as free but as a premium upgrade, hence it is not free for long.

It is already a stress to be creative and put fresh and new content out there for your readers, why add another hassle to your list. With multiple threats like being hacked, which may even sabotage your reader base or wasting your time fighting the viruses and bugs or updating a new theme every now and then, when you can use your valuable time to create another work showcasing your real talent. Although there are few developers that provide best responsive free WordPress themes, but finding those one in a chaos is also a task in itself.

Wasting time is never a good idea. It is rightly said ‘Time is Money’. You may either save a little, but that will cost you a fortune of your time. Eventually, the features that you require will be added in their premium packages for which you will pay later. So it is better to not fall into the trap of free WordPress theme and instead buy a properly paid theme if you are planning to blog for a long period of time.It is more preferable to buy WordPress Themes than using free WordPRess themes

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