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9 Best WordPress Translation Plugins - Multilingual Websites to Launch

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9 Best WordPress Translation Plugins - Multilingual Websites to Launch


Best WordPress Translation Plugins : In a recent study, it was found that most websites bounce back due to language deficiency. Yes, it is a serious issue if your website has no access to multiple languages.

However, it is believed that English is the most prominent language worldwide. Well, that’s true but not to a broader extent. You might not know which users are comfortable with which language. So to make this clear, you must allow multi-lingual features on your website.

Now how to do this? We bring you the most powerful yet user-friendly WordPress Translation plugins. Websites having global or international businesses must go for this article for future benefits.

We are listing an acceptable range of the Best WordPress Translation Plugins for your convenience.

Finest List of Best WordPress Translation Plugins


Coming with top-notch features, the TranslatePress plugin functions beyond the users’ imagination. Translating every single part of the website becomes so smooth when you have this plugin integrated. It comes with a fully-fledged interface that is easy to use and professional as well. The best news is for beginners that the plugin is beginner-friendly. And it works only on the front end, so you don’t need to bother the developer.

In addition, it comes compatible with other themes and plugins as well. So the translation will be easier whenever you add a new plugin or a theme. Moving ahead, it is perfect for manual as well as automated translations. The manual translations are powered with AI so the work becomes lighter. Additionally, it creates automated links for all languages that are SEO-friendly too.

Key features

Translates every single aspect of the website

SEO-friendly language links

Compatible with other themes and plugins


Here comes another most widely used tool to translate your whole website in no time. It is the GTtranslate plugin that powers your website with almost 103 global languages. The motive is to make your website flexible with automated language-switching features. Moving further, it uses the cloud-based approach which doesn’t affect the performance even when the translation is done. This feature makes it a leading plugin working well since 2008.

Not just this, it serves in its free and paid versions as per user convenience. In contrast, the free versions are budget-friendly combining automatic and human translations. Further, the paid versions are fully SEO-optimized raising the traffic and sales part of the website. Overall, the plugin proves a game changer for the whole website when added.

Key features

Free Google automatic machine translation

Combines automatic and human translation

Supports 103 languages

Loco Translate

Getting you introduced with another unique translation plugin and that is the Loco Translate plugin. What’s unique? It only translates the themes and plugins associated with your website. It uses a simple mechanism to translate the themes and plugins directly from the dashboard. It neither requires any codes nor the need to hire a developer. It extensively integrates with other AI-powered translation tools like DeepL, Lecto AI, and more. Moreover, translation files can be easily updated from the respective themes and plugins. It also supports a protected language directory for accessing custom languages. So if you want to translate only the themes and plugins, then the Loco Translate plugin is the best.

Key features

Comes with a built-in translation editor in the dashboard

Translates themes and plugins

Supports automatic translation services


Want to power up your website with auto-translating features? Get this highly professional yet user-friendly Polylang plugin for your website. This robust plugin can handle multi-lingual or bilingual websites. Not just a single part, but every aspect of the website can be easily translated using this plugin. The only drawback is it does not translate the themes and plugins. You need to integrate separate add-ons for translating them.

It comes with a simple interface that even beginners can utilize to apply multiple languages. It effectively lets you add widgets for language switchers to make navigation easier. Translation links are available with SEO optimization resulting in great ranks on search engines.

Key features

Simple interface

Widgets for language switchers

SEO-optimized translation links


Weglot is another powerful yet trusted solution carrying multilingual functionality. This flexible plugin is trusted by almost 60000 users worldwide with more than 100 languages. No need to use codes and within minutes, users can translate the website into the desired language. The whole translating aura can be easily managed from a single dashboard itself along with allowing skilled edits.

The plugin also manages to allow automatic translations along with advanced features if needed. The most attractive part is it can easily manage the E-commerce product pages and the checkouts as well. SEO optimization to every language link gives more ways to get noticed easily on search results. Plus, it also helps in boosting smooth conversions and performance metrics. Overall, the plugin proves the adaptable solution for a multi-lingual website.

Key features

Optimized for SEO

Easily convertible to 100+ languages

Easy to install


Get your eyes stuck on this highly-eligible automatic translator plugin named Linguise. You heard it right, it supports automatic translation along with multiple translator facilities. It offers a one-month free translating service along with 60000 words to be translated into 4 different languages. Plus, it comes with fully SEO-optimized properties to encourage conversions on your website.

But let me know this to you that this is not a free plugin that lasts forever. You need to move forward with the paid version to unlock high-quality services. And with this, you get to apply 80+ languages to be translated within 5 minutes. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with WordPress implying language switchers. That means you can use them in the form of popups and a floating position as well. Overall, this super-fast plugin can be the ultimate solution to breaking the language barrier on your site.

Key features

Supports automatic translations to 80+ languages

Language switchers allowed with WordPress WordPress integration

Lightening fast service


You might have heard about this WPML plugin which is mostly applied to WordPress Themes. Yes, it covers millions of websites currently serving the fastest translation services on the go. No codes are required when you have this and can be easily translated into 65 languages. Further, its Translation Some mode allows you to decide which parts of the website to be translated. And can be further extended to translate the full website using an advanced translation editor.

For instance, it even allows you to translate the whole website by choosing the Translate Everything mode. Not only this, it even allows spelling checker, grammar, glossary, and translation memory access. Overall, it is the best solution that even integrates with WordPress themes and plugins giving great support.

Key features

No codes are required for translation

Can be translated into 65 languages

Seamlessly integrates with WordPress themes and plugins

Lingotek Translation

This super easy-to-use plugin sets a perfect option for those looking for a simple translation plugin. The plugin has hidden features of having a simple interface but impacting like a professional. It powers the website with its 3 types of translation types:

Machine translation uses Mircosoft to translate content up to 1000 characters at a time.

The Community translation is for the self-use to be used via text editor.

Professional translation includes paid versions and advanced features for translation.

Moreover, it works on cloud-based technology that makes translations easier and more effective. Its fast-responding interface allows you to translate the content into 5,000 country translators. It even integrates with the Ploylang plugin resulting in a multi-lingual plugin.

Key features

Supports various translation types

Works on cloud-based technology

Integrates with the Polylang plugin

Google Website Translator

Here comes the last plugin that brings automatic translating power to your website. It is the Google Website Translator working as a complete solution for multilingual websites. It can be extensively used as a shortcode or widget on your website. Plus, it is super-fast and lightweight becoming a great choice for most website owners.

The installation and setup are simple to use and can be done by beginners as well. It seamlessly helps in translating 100+ languages at a time without any codes. Since it functions directly from the dashboard, doesn’t bother the overall performance. Thus, it contributes even to increasing traffic on the website by settling on complex websites.

Key features

Fast and lightweight service

Can be translated into 100+ languages

Can be added as a shortcode or widget on the website


This is how we have made it easier for you to locate the Best WordPress Translation Plugins. All the above plugins are a complete solution if used properly for the website to break the language barrier. I hope you have got the right translation plugin chosen for your website connecting with global clients.

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