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20 Best Applicable Easy Woocommerce Tips

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20 Best Applicable Easy Woocommerce Tips

Easy Woocommerce Tips ; Getting a website ready for your store is the best way to take your business online. Thanks to WordPress making it is efficient and applicable to beginners as well. As it comes with a user-friendly platform with flexible features to adapt. It has become easier to sell online products easily through worldwide.

But what has made building an online store easily applicable is Woocommerce. It is one of the brilliant platforms supporting E-commerce websites. Even non-developers can make use to take their businesses online. But this makes sense when you know the right tips to create an online store.

And therefore, we have come up with some Easy Woocommerce Tips for you to know.

Easy Woocommerce Tips

Make Presentation a priority

The first and foremost tip for Woocommerce is to prioritize presentation. Your store must be filled with unique elements to enhance its look. As the presentation is the prime face when a visitor first enters your website. It should be visually appealing and engage users to stay longer on your store.

Adding images improves your website’s look and even results in good SEO ranks. Templates and layouts also matter when it comes to the design of your store. Thus, maintaining the aesthetics of your website is the key to more visitors and clients. You can also achieve this by adding product galleries and keeping them clean and simple.

Make navigation simple and easy to use

While working with Woocommerce to design your store, you must ensure to make it user-friendly. As users are the primary character of your store so making it easy to navigate is a smarter choice. Make sure that the amount of clicks on your website is low so that it can make it easier to navigate. The number of clicks from the homepage and the destination page decides how easily your site navigates.

Therefore, it is recommended to use flattened navigation for an online store. This ensures a good user experience and conversion of visitors to loyal customers.

Also, you must keep your website space clean with minimal colours used. Messy designs and bold colours can make your actual products look dull. Which makes a bad impact on SEO. Therefore, you must focus on designing a user-friendly Woocommerce website.

Welcome Brands on your Store

Woocommerce is all needed to boost sales and conversions for your online store. You need to ensure great strategies that help in achieving good sales. One of the best ways is to welcome outside brand products on your website.

Getting collaborated with other brands is nothing but building good credibility. You will observe a hike in your sales and user engagement on your Woocommerce store.

Ensure Top Security Measures

With the rise in the everyday design of Woocommerce stores, it is vital to take high-quality security measures. Most importantly, you must secure the user’s data on your website. Not just this, but your website’s confidential data should be protected well from security threats and malware.

Though WordPress Themes are well-reputed platforms dealing with security services, you need to be double-sure. For this, you need to apply some security measures:

Make use of strong passwords that are unable to recognize.

Install an SSL certificate for your website to secure the encrypted user data.

Enable two-factor authentication for double-securing your website.

Use security plugins like Sucuri, Wordfence, Jetpack and more.

Organize your business data well and ensure backups

Keeping your database well organized is the smarter step to prevent database issues. As your store must be filled with so much data including the products databases and other apps. You must organize or rearrange them into different parts to access them easily. For this, you need to import your data and valuable information. You can either try the manual process or the integration tools that require no effort to do. This way you can save your time and focus well on the growth of your Woocommerce store.

Other than this, you can even save your data in other locations by using backup solutions. Keeping an extra copy of your store data can help in difficult situations. Misshaping can occur anytime so you must be prepared by securing your data in another location. While using WordPress plugins like Jetpack Backup is the best solution to do.

Optimize the Media files

Products are described well in the form of images. And images carry the utmost part of your products as people are most likely to be convinced by the images you show. So, it is vital to perfectly optimize your store images to boost the user experience. It happens with many websites where descriptions appear first and images are still in the loading process. This may not happen as it will severely affect the user experience. It may happen that user loses interest and leave your website unnoticed.

Faster loading images and pages will positively attract users encouraging them to explore more on your store.

Feature Top-selling Products on your Homepage

Giving a quick slider highlight of the popular products on the homepage is what makes your store powerful. This is the best way to encourage users to visit your website once. It makes your online presence stranger and even better on search engines. Sliders are the modern ways to promote sales and services to attract potential users. While this can be easily available by using slider plugins.

Create Unique Product Descriptions

Images present the products well, but creating compelling descriptions can acquire good leads. Users don’t demand long descriptions or professional language for descriptions. Simple and precise descriptions are easy to read and understand the product well.

You must accurately derive the name of the product including its usage in short. Also, you can use relevant SEO keywords to get noticed well on SERP. You can instead hire a writer to write compelling descriptions as they know how to elaborate properly.

Extend the product discovery by adding categories and sub-categories

You are highly mistaken if you haven’t categorized products well. Not everyone wants to look for every product on your website. As they want quick responses while searching for the desired product in the store. They will need to sort products to refine the search and quicker ways to find the product. For this, you must evenly categorize the products or sort them well into sub-categories. Also, you must include separate pages for categorized pages.

Categorized pages are a great way to attract SEO to your website. And specific pages are often easily noticed by search engines.

Use Videos to display products

Including product videos let users know well about the product. They get to know the actual scenario of what they are going to purchase. You can even add the usage, inside features and more things that make a convincing move.

It eventually builds trust among users who are about to purchase the product. Also, it helps in building good credibility for the products you are selling. You can even display your working actions of the products to intensify their features. Also, great offer deals and upcoming product launches can be displayed well.

Boost Sales by offering Bulk discounts

You won’t be happy with fewer customer purchases. You want your clients to bag more items for purchase. One efficient way to do it is to offer a bulk quantity discount offers in the form of a sale. One great advantage of offering bulk discounts is people purchasing more will pay less for shipping.

Offering bigger discounts encourages users to purchase more unlocking great discounts. This is the finest strategy to boost sales and grow your business in all forms. You can either create coupons from the Woocommerce account or use plugins. Plugins like Woocommerce Product Bundles, Discount rules for Woocommerce and more.

Engage Customers with Daily Deals

Offering daily deals can help your store build loyal customers visiting daily to check the deals. This also makes a state of curiosity among them and eventually, you will find a rise in the traffic.

Another big advantage is that daily deals are a way to encourage fast purchasing. Suppose you have revealed a deal that is only applicable for an hour, then the customer will buy it faster.

Similarly, you can offer huge deals on upcoming festivals or weekends and more. And offering huge deals for festivities can also give a great rise in your sales.

Use Sliders to Highlight Best Deals

As said, daily deals can boost sales and traffic on your website. But that too is possible when you highlight them on the website homepage or banner.

Using promotional sliders can help you place discounts, daily deals and festive offers. This encourages customers to visit your site and purchase goods by applying discount coupons. And discounts applied while checkout also helps in fast purchasing without any extra clicks. For this, you must use the Product Slider for Woocommerce plugin.

Encourage Live Reviews

You must encourage your customers to put on reviews of the products they purchase. As Customer reviews prove highly beneficial for the future growth of the store. No doubt that the active customers trust you, but their true reviews help in building more customers as well. And if you have added the review section, you must add it as this can help in building good credibility.

Simply reach the Woocommerce dashboard and tap the Products tab.

You have to check the Enable Product Reviews tab.

That’s it, customers will now be able to add reviews for the purchased products.

Keep Your Product Stock Levels Updated

Keeping an eye on product availability is necessary for your online store. If a product is not available, then it should be written “Out of Stock” on it. And you must even keep track of how many pieces of that particular product are available. Some websites also display the number of pieces available highlighted under the product. This one is a great strategy to boost sales and user experience.

However, updating every stock report for each product can be a bit time-consuming. Not to worry, as you can use plugins like Woocommerce Custom Stock Status.

Also, when you have refilled an out-of-stock product, you can notify the users by using the Back in Stock Notification plugin.

Encourage Up-selling and Cross-selling

Upselling or cross-selling is the best way to boost bulk sales on your website. If a customer is viewing a product in your store, then upselling helps in showing relevant products. This means you can encourage users to buy more additional products along with the existing ones.

Offer interactive Wishlists

Another way to boost sales on your store is to enable interactive wishlists. While this proves beneficial for both customers and the store owners. This goes without saying that customers will find it easier to locate their favourite items. Or they can either share them with friends and family.

However, the store owners will get to know the wishlist items and accordingly, they will encourage you to purchase. This seems a great way to boost sales by encouraging users to purchase wishlist items.

Optimize Checkout Pages

You must be very careful to make the checkout process smoother for the customers. As they are heading to the final purchase so it should be without any lags or barriers. While some websites take you to different pages before heading to the purchase page. This can create a bad impact and the user might change the mind to complete the purchase.

The checkout process must be clear and simple without any distractions. Therefore, the checkout pages must be optimized well using the Woocommerce One Page Checkout plugin.

Allow Product Customization

Then comes the customer’s side part that enables them to customize the products as needed. If a product has various custom options like color, size or quantity, then it should be allowed in your store. As this gives control to the customers by prioritizing their needs.

Use Contact Forms to collect basic customer details

While registering a customer on your store, make sure you ask for basic details only. As users mostly get pissed if a website asks a lot of questions and they may leave your site. Using Contact form plugins can help you create interactive yet easy forms for your online store.

Conclusion - Easy Woocommerce Tips

Woocommerce is the richest platform to start your online store journey. Not just this, its ease of use and creative features make it more popular among huge businesses. But the only urge is to know the vital tips and tricks that will help in getting a good hike for your store. And therefore, we have listed some Easy Woocommerce tips that will help you further.

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