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6 Best-Selling eCommerce WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Websites

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Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress

6 Best-Selling eCommerce WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress: WordPress is the most popular tool, with over 43% of the internet's websites running on it. And the number of WordPress users is going rapidly day by day. And therefore, increasing the competition among WordPress users itself.

WordPress is an ideal platform to launch an eCommerce store website. And since it is open-source free software, you can use it with little to no investment. It also has some globally popular eCommerce plugins that can help ease the process of managing and developing an eCommerce site.

But with advantages, there always come some disadvantages. And same goes for the popular CMS tool WordPress. It has tons of eCommerce plugins, which makes it challenging for beginners to find out which one to choose.

As you may know, WordPress does not have built-in eCommerce capabilities. But it allows users to add eCommerce features & functionality so you can sell digital products, physical products, or any services and receive money on your website.

And it can all be done with the help of eCommerce plugins. The available both free and paid versions you can download on WordPress.

They come in many categories. It's safe to say that whatever business function you're in, chances are there's a plugin for it. For starters, there is WooCommerce – the exclusive plugin for adding an e-commerce store to your WordPress website.

Other eCommerce plugins improve WooCommerce with extra features & functionalities. Some add payment systems so customers can pay for products they purchase, and you can accept money for your products and services.

With the help of other eCommerce plugins, it becomes easier for you to manage a business, such as marketing, shipping, sales and discounts, inventory, and more.

One thing is sure about those eCommerce plugins: you don't need to code to use them.

Here we'll share some of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress eCommerce websites.

WooCommerce - Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress

The first choice on our list of best eCommerce plugins for WordPress is WooCommerce. It is the most popular open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommer is a powerful eCommerce plugin with everything you need to set up an eCommerce store right out of the box. Hundreds of themes and extensions are built around the plugin, so it can cater to pretty much anything your online store might need.

As of this writing, WooCommerce powers over 4 million businesses worldwide, and currently, it is the most popular eCommerce plugin. You can set up an online store in no time, and there is no need to code.


  • Manage Orders
  • Collect Payments
  • Sell Products
  • Create Membership Site
  • Subscription-Based Store

MarketPress - Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress

The Marketplace eCommerce WordPress plugin by WPMU DEV is a complete eCommerce solution for selling physical products and digital services through your WordPress site. You can sell products in the entire EU with complete legal security. Expand your target audience by automating your processes. It is another popular WordPress plugin that has everything you need, from major payment gateways to AJAX-based shopping cart widgets. There's no need to download third-party plugins and extensions to add extra functionality to your website because, with Marketplace, everything is possible. MarketplacePress is a premium-level WordPress plugin and is easy to customize for web developers with basic coding knowledge. But if you do not know how to code, you can use its pre-packaged WordPress themes and CSS styles offered by Marketpress to customize its appearance. You will find detailed documentation of the Marketpress plugin and a step-by-step guide to help you set it up.


  • Product Personalization
  • Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking
  • Full Suite Of Payment Options
  • Discounts
  • Customer Groups

Easy Digital Downloads - Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress

If your business is into selling digital products and services, then Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect eCommerce solution for you. It is a WordPress eCommerce plugin available for free download. And has powerful features like unlimited file downloads, discount codes, and a full shopping cart. You can take your business to the next level with the plugin.

You can improve its features & functionality by installing free and professional WordPress themes and add-ons suitable for the plugin. You only pay for the functionality you'll use and don't have to worry about bloating your site with unnecessary features. Easy Digital Downloads is popular with tech-savvy entrepreneurs because of this level of customization.


  • Supports Stripe And PayPal
  • Cart Saving
  • Manage Order Status
  • Create A Customer Account Page
  • Advance Refund Feature

MemberPress - Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress

Without a doubt, Memberpress is one of the best WordPress membership plugins with tons of integration options. It allows you to sell digital products and services effortlessly. You can even integrate this popular Membership plugin with WooCommerce. You can use this plugin to build a membership website, sell subscription-based products, or sell courses. You will be glad to know that it is beginner-friendly and anyone can use it. You can extend the functionality with add-ons allowing you to take your eCommerce website in any direction. According to many users, the setup process is straightforward and customization options are available.


  • Course Creator
  • Membership Site
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Supports Stripe And PayPal
  • Manage Cart


The BigCommerce eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with WordPress and is fully hosted. It allows you to use a growing eCommerce platform while using WordPress to control your content and run your website. According to the company's official website -- BigCommerce is the most trusted and tested commerce solutions provider. The powerful integration plugin for WordPress -- makes it easy to embed your products in a WordPress website. You can create the sign-in, cart, account, and other essential pages automatically.

BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce WordPress plugin, yet it is beginner-friendly -- you can use it without having to know to code or have the technical knowledge to use it.


  • High Scalability
  • Less Maintenance
  • No transaction Charges
  • Manage Cart
  • Sell Digital Products

iThemes Exchange

iThemes’ Exchange is another popular eCommerce WordPress plugin with a beautiful and easy-to-use interface (UI), allowing you to set up your online store in minutes. The plugin has been tested and is suitable for the latest version of WordPress.

According to many users, the plugin is super easy to use, quick to set up, and has all the features any eCommerce plugin should have. Take your business to the next level with its powerful features and easy-to-use nature.


  • Add Multiple Membership Products
  • Sell Products
  • Supported Various Payment Gateways
  • Less Maintenance
  • Manage Cart


Setting up an online eCommerce business is a lot of hard work. But fortunately, WordPress does all the hard work for you. Furthermore, an eCommerce plugin makes the process of managing and setting up an online store a lot easier. They have all the necessary features and functionalities for an eCommerce website. You can blindly trust them to take your business to the next level.

All the plugins mentioned above in the list are user-friendly, have multiple features, and support various payment gateways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which among the following is the best plugin for eCommerce?

Undoubtedly, WooCommerce is the best eCommerce WordPress themes among all the others. With over 20% of the world's websites also using WooCommerce, it is the most popular choice for building an eCommerce store website.

Is eCommerce profitable in the future?

Yes! Undoubtedly, eCommerce will be profitable in the future. According to a report, the eCommerce industry will be 350 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

Is eCommerce still worth it in 2023?

Absolutely yes!

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