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Check Broken Links In WordPress: Broken links on your website are the biggest nuisance that you have to take care of. there is no particular way to avoid it if you are putting outbound links from your website. What you can do is regularly audit your website for the broken links and replace them with relevant links to other pages.

What Does Broken Link Mean?

It means the link is not working! Alright, it means you are disconnected from the internet and its benefits. You will notice this as you inspect your website and find a certain feature not working. It is also called as the dead link. The broken link in WordPress is easy to find. If a page is not working or an image is not appearing as it should, it has a broken link. The pages often show 404 error messages on the window.

This can happen when you move the whole website with another domain name to somewhere else. It can also appear when you move or delete a page or image or video from your website. It’s important to fix the broken links in WordPress as soon as possible.

Broken Links in WordPress

Links are the ones we share our experiences from, communicate, share photos, videos, and even video chat. If it gets broken, the whole system crashes down. Remember when a certain app or browser doesn’t work? For example, when Google crashes, all the websites, apps and other things that work on it stop working. They absolutely just don’t work. Why? Because Google is the base link for them all. They function with Google being their medium. If it goes down, everyone does!

That’s why when it comes to websites, it’s important to check the broken links in WordPress. Why WordPress? Well because it’s the only platform with more than 75% of the world’s websites. WordPress is used by almost every country in the world. We can say it’s a link between the normal world and the professional internet.

Having a website is very necessary for developing personal growth. At WordPress, you will get two hosts to build a website. and! gives you a ready-made WordPress theme. Whereas  will get you the tools to build a website.

The perk here is that at you will lose the authority over your own website. But at, as you are building it, you will have the right over your website. A good WordPress theme will help you with doing it with ease. This WordPress theme will establish your links on the internet.

Why To Fix Broken Links In WordPress?

This question has an obvious answer! It’s important to fix the broken links in WordPress because it sabotages the whole purpose of having a website. We get the website to connect. How can we connect with the broken links? Still, let’s see the big picture!

SEO Disruption-

This is the most important feature in the WordPress website. This is one of the features that links the website with search engines and ultimately to people. Broken links in WordPress disrupt the work of SEO. It breaks the links to search engines. Thus resulting in broken contact with the world.

When viewers will go to your website, they won’t see anything because of the broken link. The window will show a ‘page not found message. This will obviously make you lose your viewers. Having high-quality SEO won’t help you then.

The search engines like Google favor only fast websites. So if you want to be in the race, you need to be fast. Having a broken links in WordPress can make you slow down and eventually lose your rank on the search engine.

Reputation And Credibility-

Losing the viewership and basically, the whole website can make you lose your reputation as well. The reputation you have worked hard to earn invested the whole of you for and looking forward to maintaining will be gone. As they

say, it takes years to build the reputation and second to lose it.

Along with reputation, credibility is important in the business. Being credible is the only thing your viewers and customers expect from you. If you fail in delivering that, it would be harder to gain it again.

Having broken links in WordPress can cost you your whole business. It looks like the smallest thing but has a bigger impact. If you want to save your reputation, credibility, and business; you have to fix these broken links in WP.

Types Of Broken Links:-

WordPress websites are made of several different links. The whole bunch of links works together to connect your business to the world. Let’s take a look at some of them!

  • With Other Websites: To work in harmony the websites connect themselves with other websites. Similar professions or different, they help each-other to grow. This link is very important for getting views and customers.
  • Images: Images on the websites have their own links. Only words can’t explain exactly what’s it about. Images create a visual picture that’s easy to understand. Loosing this link will result in abrupt look of website.
  • Internal links: This is one of the most important links in websites. The website is a bunch of different hyperlinks. If they break you website won’t function straight.
  • CSS links: CSS links are important because they put together the whole look of website. They secure the content. If the CSS files are not linked properly, you can have an ugly website with no function at all.

How To Fix The Broken Links On WordPress?

Once you figure out the broken links in WP, it’s easy to resolve the issue. To find the broken links in WordPress you just need to install a plugin.

For this, go into ‘Dashboard’ and click on ‘Plugins’. There go into ‘Add new’. On the search bar on the right corner type ‘broken links checker. The plugin will appear on the window. Click on install and activate it.

This plugin will help you in finding the broken links in WP!

Once you find the links now you have to decide which of the link you need the button to go. Then create a 301 redirect to the same page and replace the link to a new page. By creating a redirect you will ensure that any user who lands on your broken link will be redirected to a useful page.

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