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Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips and Plugins: With billions of active internet users, getting a remarkable brand position is quite crucial. But when you put in a perfect strategy for this, you can accomplish most of your goal. One of the finest methods to spread brand awareness and visibility is to use a content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is the strategy that helps in marketing your valuable content to acquire new visitors. The ultimate goal is to achieve long-term growth and customers for your brand.

Unfortunately, most brands don’t know how to apply content marketing strategies for their brand. But we are here to let you know about the Content Marketing Tips and Plugins in this article.

Set a Clear Business Goal for Your Content

Before heading to any content strategy, have you decided on a long-term goal for your content? You might have created a variety of content for Instagram stories, blogs, ebooks, and more. But that does not set any goal for content marketing. Now, you might think that the goal should be higher views on your content, right? That’s not the ultimate goal of content marketing.

While you must think deeper and decide the ultimate goal for why you are applying content marketing strategies. This makes your content creation stronger and more appealing to the audiences. Your goal must be professionally benefitting your brand and its credibility. That said, you must focus on targeting the audience and making long-term relations with them.

Once you have identified the goal for content marketing, it will be easy to create relevant content.

Know Your Audience Well

Before diving into content marketing, you must know your audience well. Knowing who you are targeting becomes easier to get the right content strategy.

As the audience is the prime object when it comes to selling products or services. Without knowing who you are dealing with, cannot help you achieve the right goal for your business.

However, you cannot ask every person about your product or interview about their experiences. To get a straight solution to this, you must conduct a buyer persona with your team. Buyer persona perfectly fictions how the customers are reacting to your products and many other things. Getting a full document ready of the buyer persona including the demographics gives a deeper idea of knowing your audience.

Keep your content consistent and updated

Content marketing is not a one-time task to do. There is a lot you need to count on to be under the good books of the audience. That said, the very first thing is to keep your content up to date. Research has depicted that most content gets rolled down on search engines because of outdated content. Also, it should be relevant to the search engines to get good ranks. While you must follow some things to ensure your content is updated and relevant:

Try to exclude the year in the URL while optimizing the content.

You must include the year in the title of the content.

You must visit the editorial calendar to take a look at your content. This way you can keep your content up-to-date and relevant to search engines.

Overall, consistency is what keeps your content up-to-date and stays in the eye of search engines.

Write for the audience and optimize for search engines.

You know very well that the main character for the content is the audience. And when you create content, the audience should be your priority. Their satisfaction with your content is what makes your blog or website successful. This will automatically help in generating leads and increasing views on your site.

All this lies when your content educates the users well along with solving their problems. Getting users’ queries solved makes your brand trustworthy.

Moreover, their queries should be answered well or offered useful tips and proper support. This way you can convert the visitors into loyal customers easily.

While search engines count this feature as a vital consideration for ranking. So, it is advised to write content that makes users happy.

Write in-depth content

While writing your content, make sure it has a detailed elaboration. As long content is easily targetted under the search engine ranks. While the shorter contents do not impact as the long contents do. So, it is strongly advised to write long content to have a good SERP rank.

Furthermore, you must include every basic thing that goes relevant to your content. Or sometimes, users may have some extra thoughts regarding your content. So getting deeper with your content topic and imposing every detail can help users.

You might have seen Google possessing this feature when you search for a keyword. And it immediately comes with a box having “People also ask for”. That goes with this flow as users might get the relevant answer to their queries.

Use Analytics to track performance

Diving more about content marketing, and using analytics is the next step to count on. As creating content does not close the parameters. It becomes worthless when it cannot convert visitors into customers. That is why, using analytics can help you professionally track, view and examine the visitors. You will get an in-depth analysis of what type of viewers are hitting, where they come from, their interests and more.

Website traffic is essential only when there are chances to have loyal customers in the form of visitors. And knowing about the interests of viewers can help you build a good content strategy. With that said, let us assume that the viewers are more intended towards the product pages. So, the motive should be focusing more on product pages to boost sales.

Create a Content Optimization Strategy

The content optimization strategy is marked under the vital considerations for content marketing. As this makes users stay intact to your blog content.

And this has noted that modifying your old content can help you build a content optimization strategy. That said, you will readily see a rise in leads and an increase in organic traffic.

You can’t let go of your old content even when you know that the topic is still trending. Then modifying its content can help you again build good views on it.

Repurpose your content

Repurposing the content is nothing giving a new format to the content to expand the viewer list. With that said, this is also a good way to reach new audiences. As when the older content is modified with an updated format, more audience will witness.

Creating content is not a simple task or can be done in less time. So, searching for ways to keep it alive makes it more efficient.

For example, you created written content that has a good audience reach. Additionally, you can create a blog post or a video post for users having more interest in video blogs. So, this way you can repurpose the content and expand ways for its reach.

Promote the content on social platforms

Along with good content marketing practices and SEO, promoting your content is the next vital step. You cannot forget that social media is the go-to way of promoting your brand well.

You will need your content to reach an audience to a wider extent. And that is why social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are one of the best places.

You must share your content on social platforms, run ads or even send blog posts to newsletter subscribers.

Personalize your content

Another way to boost user experience is to get personalized content. Having personalized content helps users to get their search results on point.

Personalizing the content is you can control how users behave on your website. And based on their behavior, you can provide better search results. Having a personalized social media account makes it easier to know about the audience’s interests. Personalizing the content is also possible through devices and conducting buyer persona.

The best way is when the customer reissues the purchase so you can include the reorder button for them. However, personalization is not a manual process, you will need to use particular software tools for this.

Organize your content well

Content marketing has a meaning when you have organized your content well. That said, using data and stats for your content is the best way to highlight the points.

It has been observed that the audience gets more active when they find content in the form of data. That is easier to understand and raise the value of your brand.

The best part about the data is that it can be easily moved or shared even on social platforms.

Publish Original Research

Publishing original pieces of information can help in building trust and authority. This is why every brand looks to have a trustworthy position among its competitors.

Original research can be made easily by conducting surveys and questionnaires on social media. This encourages audiences to survey various products, their experience and more.

Extend from the written format

Getting your content always in written formats does not set a milestone in content marketing. You need to go ahead with the bars and include multimedia in your content marketing strategy. As the video and image packs take more precedence in SEO than the written content.

While content marketers follow infographics as the best tool to market their content. As these types of multimedia formats can be easily pinned and scanned.

Video formats are also countable elements while marketing the content. As this hits directly to the users’ minds and can be done by creating Youtube videos. You can also go with including photos, interactive charts and graphs.

User Experience should be the prime goal

User experience is the result of a great content marketing strategy. Having a well-organized, well-written and unique piece of content is good. But it immediately falls if the user experience is on the negative part. You will face bounce rates, and lose readers and this is a negative factor in terms of SEO.

To prevent this, you must keep your website optimized well, should load faster and be easy to navigate.

Your content should be easily conveyable to the audience, has a clear objective and responsive as well. Also, your content should follow the accessibility website standards which is again a vital factor. You must include alt text, captions to video content, high-contrast setting and much more.

Remarket Your Content

Now, this is the last step you can apply to get more users engaging on your website. Remarketing your content is that you promote the previously posted content in a new format. To engage users that didn’t find previously posted content can engage with it. Or it can be further shared to acquire new users to your content.

Content marketing cannot be ended basically, it is an ongoing task that makes you more greedy day by day in search of new users.

  • Content Marketing Plugins

Heading to the second part of this article, we are going to showcase some best plugins that will hit right on content marketing. Well, there are plenty of content marketing plugins you will find on the WordPress Themes page.

It might be overwhelming to choose from a huge list. And therefore, we have come up with a list of some outstanding plugins to help in marketing content well.


MonsterInsights is one of the finest Google Analytics plugins in WordPress. Getting Google Analytics installed on your website is easy using this plugin. It analyzes your website giving perfect traffic reports directly on the WordPress dashboard. It shows perfect stats and analytics that further help in growing your business better.

This effortless plugin enables all the advanced features to enable Google Analytics with just a few clicks. Also, it will give actionable recommendations to help boost the website’s growth. You will be able to see your traffic reports, referral reports, most visited pages, audience demographics and more. You can even add an annotation with a new post or content to keep track and know about the traffic and changes on your site.

All-in-One SEO

Getting the content marketing strategy at its peak, we present one of the best SEO plugins. It is the All-in-one SEO that helps in acquiring better ranks for your website on search engines. And currently, it is offering services to over 3 million websites to boost traffic and improve SERP ranks.

Its setup and usage do not require any developer as it is a beginner-friendly plugin.

Often site owners don’t focus on smaller things which can be a breakout for their website. But the AISEO fully optimizes the content for search engines including the meta title and focus keywords. Also, it offers built-in recommendations that further help in improving your website.


Semrush is another vital tool that can help in succeeding in the content marketing strategy. This engaging tool is used by most SEO professionals who wish to ace SEO rankings.

Your content can help you rise higher when you choose the right assisting partner to guide you better. This is what Semrush does to make your written content refine more on search engines. It professionally helps in gathering analytics and competitor insights to boost the SEO. You get to learn about the competitive keywords, their organic traffic and other data to strengthen your website.

Additionally, it integrates with All-in-one SEO to discover keywords that boost SEO rankings.


The Ahrefs plugin serves the best in terms of providing better SEO ranks by conducting content audits. It keeps track of how your blogs are performing along with giving suitable recommendations.

It also helps in running competitive analysis and lets you know the facts to grow organic traffic. Keyword analysis and content research tools can help you know which type of content is ranking.

Moreover, the plugin comes with easy installation and setup so that beginners will not hesitate to use it. It works with lightning speed so that you don’t need to worry about performance.

It further integrates with other SEO plugins like Rank Math and AISEO.


Blog posting is the new way to market your content in the digital world. And to utilize your creative skills, Canva is the best tool you can use to create blog posts.

This tool offers the best ways to enhance your blogs making them more attractive. You don’t have to develop coding skills for this as this is a user-friendly tool. And you can splash out your inner creative person using the beautiful in-built templates.

This powerful tool serves the best design that can be used on mobile interfaces as well. Also, it offers various styling features including colours, text, images, lines, graphs and more. When you search for a template, it automatically opens more relevant templates to use.

Once done editing, the image or document should be exported and can be used anywhere.


Grammarly is one of the finest grammar-checking tools. Grammar is a small but basic thing that creates an impact on the written content. It can be easily installed like a Google add-on.

This powerful tool perfectly helps to detect grammar mistakes and easy ways to correct them. While this works efficiently with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When you are writing any document on Google, it appears at the bottom right corner as an indicator. The indicator appears in red with the number of grammar mistakes and can be cleared by clicking on it. It immediately becomes green when there are no critical grammatical mistakes.

Shared Counts

Shared Counts is one of the finest social media plugins in WordPress. It can be used in content marketing to generate organic traffic on your website. Using this plugin, you can add social media icons linked to your social accounts.

Adding this plugin to your website helps you display the share counts for every platform along with the number of shares.

While using other social media plugins will readily slow down your website. But not with this plugin, it is fully optimized with speed and performance factors.

It further counts the top social media sites along with various styling features for adding buttons.


OptinMonster is bagged as one of the finest lead-generation plugins in WordPress. Popups are said to be a great factor to generate leads and this is what this plugin is all about. It helps in building interactive and attractive popups and opt-in forms that engage users to visit your website.

It happens when users get abandoned and leave your website on the first visit. This creates a bad impression and results in bounce rates. To get over this, you can create interactive forms and popups that immediately engage users. This way you can cut down the bounce rates, and boost sales and user engagement.

Revive Old Posts

Promoting old articles is also a part of the content marketing strategy.

It happens when older blog articles get neglected because of a lack of resources.

The best way is you can share those posts on your social media profiles to get promoted well. Sharing older articles will get active to new users as well. And thus you can drive traffic to your blogs.


Content Marketing is all about how you are contributing to get a remarkable position for your brand. You must have this goal that the audience is the only prime focus while publishing the content. And so, we have collected some best content marketing strategies to apply. We have grouped the strategies into content marketing tips and plugins. This will help you set a perfect brand image in this digital world.

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