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Privacy is a fundamental right of every living human being. Let there be your daily life on online life, privacy is a must have component. When you log in to some website or app, you have to check the privacy policy that they are offering. The information that you are sharing online must be protected. We understand this and have worked out our way to protect your right of privacy. 

We respect your privacy. We cross our hearts not to use any personal information shared by you, to be used against your will for any cause. But there can be times when we have to make a statement about our viewership or run a marketing campaign, where we have to mention your presence. There are several things you should know about what happens with the data you share or what is our privacy policy. So, here’s the information, grab your seats, and read carefully!

Protection Of Your Rights

 As we said before, we respect and are obliged to protect your every right of privacy. When it comes to sharing data online, you have to be aware of your rights. As a viewer, you have several rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. While sharing PD that is your Personal Data, you have some rights to protect it. 

 You have a right to be informed of what kind of data we have collected about you and how we use it. You have a right to access your personal data that you are sharing anytime. You can correct or change the information shared on your PD. You can request to delete this information if you feel so. You have a right to block us from using the PD if you don’t feel comfortable. Also, you have a right to file a complaint to the authorities about any inconvenience. You have the right to complain under the regulation of GDPR.


These are the Cookies we all hate at some point. Basically, cookies are the small files that a website or service provider transfer into your hard drive by your web browser. Obviously, if you allow it. This enables the service provider to access information from your system. You have the authority to reject or delete these cookies if you don’t want them. But always be aware when you accept any cookies.

 There are types of cookies you should know about before accepting or rejecting them. Some cookies are strictly necessary for the website to work efficiently. Website owners install these types of cookies for the betterment of the communication between you and the owner. Performance cookies collect information about the website. For example, the traffic on the website, visitor’s count, etc. There are some cookies that will help you in remembering your previous activity on the website and help the website owner to remember your choices on the website. 

While talking about cookies, the question that we all have asked ourselves once is that how does Google knows what am looking for, and exactly how does the add arrive on any website that you visit? Well, the answer is Google Remarketing. Now, what it is? Google is a third-party vendor on websites. It generates double click cookies for users to visit. Almost every website uses Google Analytics for reviewing the performance of their website. It enables a permanent cookie on your browser when you visit the website. This cookie can only be operated by Google. It collects all the information about your browsing and your online needs. With the help of Google remarketing the advertisement of our company can be shown on other websites. This works for Facebook remarketing too.

What Information Do We Collect And How We Use It

 When accessing any website you are asked to put your name, address, phone no, pin code, and payment details. Along with that, the cookies that appear on the website can get information about your device’s Internet Protocol (IP address). All the information is collected when you visit the site and run a business on it. Like shopping, accessing newsletters, and subscribing. The information can be seen by our people who keep it safe for you.

We use this information about you to personalize your experience on our site. It allows us to provide you the content you are looking for. This information is used to protect your transaction details or to help you respond to the offers by our customer services. It helps us in providing you the information about recent updates, products and market the services you may need. Your personal information helps us in recognizing you as a unique customer and resolve the issues you are facing.

Sharing information

 We respect your right to privacy, but we have to share some of your information to make your experience better. We take your full consent before sharing this information with our third-party affiliates. These third-party affiliates include our business partners, businesses whose product we sell, and parties who assist us in making the system work better for you. 

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