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David Crossley

Just read your email and replied. I’m not really comfortable providing you with an administrator credential to the site, and I do not think I should have to do that to get this matter resolved. What I would like is for the theme that Ovation developed to function the way that it’s advertised, and how Ovation set it up to work. The answer to my question about how to change the default copyright section should not require me giving you an administrator credential to the site with username and password. Also, clearly Ovation developed the theme with ON/OFF toggle switches in order to make it so that certain sections of the homepage could be shown or not shown. As well as the same for the site loader icon to show or not show. The toggle switches that Ovation developed for this theme simply do not function at all (and in reading your forum it seems to happen with many other Ovation themes as well), and this has nothing to do with anything that I’ve done since I used the Ovation demo site out-of-the-box. Please provide an alternate solution which does not require me providing you with an administrator credential with username and password to the site. Thank you.

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