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Darren Clapson

Right now, it’s gone nuts again and now I can’t even save any changes, what the hell is going on. Your support is practically none existent your custom blocks user interface is a complete nightmare, there are missing standard basic settings in the Free version and the paid version is outdated and just doesn’t work properly at all.

I’ve had enough of waiting around for you guys to get your act together and actually support the products that you sell I can’t keep on dealing with this its holding everything up and I need to finish this job ASAP. Due to all these issues with the product and the almost total lack of support I now require a full refund and I will just recreate the theme style within Elementor as your custom blocks UI is practically useless at best and now will not even save changes so it’s no good at all. Refund ASAP or I can just inform PayPal of the issues with the product and your company support issues and also inform my Credit Card company to simply refers the payment.

PayPal Transaction ID: 84L39988YL671760F


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