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Darren Clapson

As I have already stated multiple times the Pro version of this theme that is in the bundle deal will not work correctly as with all the other themes that use your custom block editor. I have been asking for support with this ever since I purchased it as you well know by looking at the history of this request and you have not given any form of support with these issues if I get a reply at all it is just a generic read the documents instructions as If I haven’t gone through all that already.
I have now found the solution to the issue myself as no support was given for it by you but this is only working on the free version of the theme as the paid version is just useless.
In summery I have reached out for support but your support has failed to give an adequate answer if answered at all. Due to this failure on your part, I now request a full refund.
Please do not reply with a generic answer like look at the documentation or saying that you will help with issues with the product as you haven’t helped at all throughout this entire process.

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