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Home Forums Ovations Themes Problems with the PRO version of organic farm. Reply To: Problems with the PRO version of organic farm.


i’m sorry but i’m testing thème by a POC. So url is protected, i mustn’t bypass during POC.

I don’t know if it’s the correct issue, but i solve this problem by reduce the “font-size” to “13px” (default is 14);”. This parameter is surcharged by the Css Additionnel menu like this : #topbar li.content { font-size: 13px; ….}

Is there another method where the font-size is not reduce ?
I don’t see why some problems are only presents in the pro version (like this, or another with the pre-visualization is very capricious during customization, may be other one ?).

PS : I will consider putting temporary access, but in the mean time how to have support when we can’t open the url to the web ?
Because i look at the tickets, and each time you ask the url so we don’t write the solution into the ticket (for averyone).


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