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CSS Tricks very developer should Know

Tricks Every CSS Developers Should Know: To create an attractive and impressive website, every CSS developer should know few tricks to make the website more responsive. To save the time of developers below are the 8 main tips to improve the work efficiency:-

  1. Positioning of the elements– Putting the elements is not only a CSS developer is supposed to do but enhancing the look and feel of those elements is equally important to get accurate result. The front end html CSS has absolute positioning to improve the efficiency of the website.
  2. Codes with Firebugs– To avoid repetition of work in CSS development, a developer should use firebug tool. This text editor test the codes and edit them while writing only. After saving the edits it directly shows the changes in browser.
  3. Resize the images– One of the tedious task in CSS development is adjusting the images without losing its quality. Using max-width is one of the best option to manage the image size. It automatically calculate the height and width of the image and adjust it accordingly.
  4. Don’t always go for Frameworks– A CSS developer has to use the tools wisely to avoid further complications. The frameworks can destroy the look of the website many a times.
  5. Single CSS can work– To add the identical borders to all the images and sidebars, writing CSS once using comma can work and reduce the work-time of CSS developer.
  6. Every line is important– Use developer tools to avoid the redundancy of the properties. The inspector tool in CSS development can help to find the features that are used.
  7. Always use right tool– A smart CSS developer choose and use the handy tools, which are comfortable to work on and provide the effective result. Managing, formatting and many other things can be done by the right tools.
  8. Create browser compatible websites– Everything a developer does is going to work on a browser. So it is important to make the browser friendly structure. The CSS developer is supposed to understand the browser thoroughly to write the codes, keeping in mind that browser will not be the same all the time.

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Above are some tricks to do hassle-free and impressive work and get an attractive result.

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