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Detailed Introduction to WordPress Theme Features

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Detailed Introduction to WordPress Theme Features


Detailed Introduction to WordPress Theme: Today, WordPress is the backbone for 43% of the website in the digital world. This is because of its efficiency and versatility.

WordPress is one of the finest platforms supporting almost every type of niche website. This is not just a platform but a collection full of elements that build up a framework.

And one of the vital attributes that make WordPress superior is its wide variety of quality themes. Themes define the niche website innovatively by boosting its appearance and functionality. There are plenty of themes available to start any type of niche including blogs, E-commerce and much more. Easy customization, responsiveness, SEO and more such features come with the themes.

While people with zero knowledge about WordPress must know the finest features of it. And therefore, we bring you the best features of WordPress themes to help you in web design.

Detailed Introduction to WordPress Theme Features

Responsive Design

The first and most attractive feature of having a WordPress Theme is its responsive design. Responsive design ensures that your website looks absolutely the same as on the desktop.

We already live in a digital world where everything is done with mobiles and tablets. We avoid using desktops or huge computers to get our work done. Handy mobiles are preferred to visit any website, app or any other thing. So, it is vital for a website to support responsive design to adjust on any screen. That is what WordPress Themes urge to imply to their users.

WordPress Themes ensure that your website looks the same on every device you choose. It owns various advantages as site owners don’t need to maintain content for every device. Most importantly, you will find an ample number of themes supporting responsive design on WordPress.

Social Sharing Features

Another attractive feature you will find with WordPress Themes is social sharing. The whole world is running with social media these days. People post or publish content that is shared worldwide by users.

Luckily, WordPress also supports this feature to diversify its organic network. When you build a website, it needs to be shouted out to more users to get better benefits. This is why social sharing comes into contact.

With social media features, you can create your business profiles on Facebook and Instagram. And then, your websites can be linked to your social handles easily. Link sharing, post sharing and more such things will help you raise the amount of traffic and generate leads. Also, WordPress themes incorporate social media buttons for generating traffic on your site.

Multi-Page Styles

WordPress Themes are often loved for their versatile behaviour. That said, the theme pages come optimized for almost every type of feature you wish to add.

However, it is observed that themes that support a single-page outline are mostly ignored. Developers often support themes that have versatile styles and paging support. That means, it can be used for Ecommerce websites, adding contact details, testimonials, blogs and more.

Well, this feature is the vital checklist when it comes to WordPress Themes. As many themes are compatible with multi-page styles. You can use them to design any types of page you wish. And this saying becomes true that WordPress Themes offer out-of-the-box features. Every page of the theme has different styles that can change the look in less time. Also, transitions can be applied to various pages just to level up the appearance.

Auto-Upgrade and Support

That goes without saying that an updated website becomes the target for more new visitors. And it has been observed that developers who invest in upgrading their website software gain more traffic. As an upgraded theme helps in boosting the load speed and user experience on the website.

You can easily watch out for your website’s latest version given in the website details. If not upgraded to the latest version, you must get help from your developer. While this effort can be easily lightened as most WordPress themes come with the latest version. Or they support auto-upgrading features that help in updating with a single click.

Another vital feature that makes WordPress a refined choice is the seamless support. Good customer support makes your website superior even if your appearance is not much attractive. While you will observe the premium themes offer the best support rather than free ones.

Variety of Widgets

WordPress Themes are also loved as they offer plenty of widgets to manage your content. Custom widgets and you will find easy customization options for every widget you choose.

Also, you can use plugins to explore advanced widget menus that match the overall design of the theme. While widgets are named as the vital part of the website when it comes to the proper organization of the content. Users searching for a particular content will find it with a few clicks. And adding widgets can help in saving effort, time and boost the visual appearance.

While you will find that premium themes offer a lot more than just widgets. You get to decide the position of widgets and even custom options as well.

Theme Customization

WordPress comes with a lot of pre-designed templates and designs to offer. But what if people ask for customization? Luckily, WordPress has also got this for users who wish to add unique styles and visuals to their websites. The good news is you don’t have to have any developer skills for this. And you can easily customize the styles, colours, backgrounds and much more. Usually, earlier versions don’t support such custom options but the ones with 3.4 or above have customization. They offer high-level customization that can be previewed before going live.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO, you must pay wider attention as this can help in many ways for your website. While this feature does not come pre-built with the WordPress Themes. One of the best SEO plugins, All-in-one SEO will be seen integrated into some WordPress themes. This straightway indicates that the theme selection matters the most when you have a goal for SEO.

Themes with SEO optimization are loved more than that of non-SEO holders. As SEO-optimized themes are faster to load, are indexed easily and support more such features. Apart from having these features, the themes must use the permalink structure for blog posts.

Retina-Ready Display

With the rise in technology, people prefer more HD and Retina-quality images and videos. And this has encouraged the developers to incorporate retina-ready images in the WordPress Themes.

Yes, WordPress comes with a great retina-ready image and video quality with the rise in demand. Nobody prefers low-quality images that seem to be blurred while loading. It may affect the overall user experience and increase bounce rates on your site.

While WordPress Themes continuously work for the audience implying the best quality images. Retina-ready themes perform the best on all screens. Also, users will find accurate and sharper fonts and image quality while searching for the content.

Standards Compliant Coding

WordPress has a big shout that it requires no codes when you design a website. That’s true, but the fact is that strong codes are the base of WordPress. All thanks to the WordPress developers who made it code-free for the users without any coding skills. But, all it requires to proper usage of PHP, HTML, CSS, security and privacy guidelines.

The WordPress website functions well based on the quality code used. And these guidelines are undertaken to ensure while developing WordPress. A well-coded WordPress will work smoother without any lags. Clean codes also ensure that your WordPress will last longer with you.

Design Bundles

WordPress designers are focusing more to comply best features to the end users. And one of the finest features is the theme bundles. The Theme bundles or the design packages offer a complete package for web design. This includes a lot of extended features along with multiple themes in a single bundle. These are formed to lighten the effort to search for themes for every niche. As bundles offer almost everything that you might be searching for designing a website.

And today, bundles are widely purchased as they offer a complete package for web design. It is time-saving, requires less effort and is cost-effective. Suppose, you have purchased a bundle, you will be offered a WordPress theme, plugins, social media integration, business card template and much more.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Along with having a responsive design, WordPress Themes are also compatible with major browsers. Well, developers have made this feature possible to raise the standards of WordPress.

Not all users browse websites on the same browser. It can be Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and more. And the fact is surprising that most users don’t like Google Chrome which is the go-to browser.

That said, developers have made it possible with themes that imply cross-browser compatibility. But that is only when you have chosen the right theme supporting cross-browsers for your website. So, it depends on which WordPress Theme you have chosen for your niche website.

Demo Version

You take a test drive before buying any vehicle, right? Well, WordPress also offers a test drive of your theme in the form of demo content.

It is as simple that a demo version helps you choose the better theme for your website. It is a film format that gives an idea of how your website will look when your use this theme. It will give a brief description in the presentation format of vital features and designs.

Also, you will find various custom options that will come along the theme.

Which plugins or social media icons are attached to the theme purchase?

The number of design templates, widgets, layouts and pre-built pages will be allotted with the theme.

It will also let you know the advanced features which are accessible or non-accessible as well.


WordPress again gives users a priority to choose between the free and premium versions. This will be decided according to the website budget you have planned.

Free themes offer basic designing and functioning features without any charges. That doesn’t mean that they are not good for web design. Most developers recommend free themes if you wish for a basic yet minimal website. This is also preferred when you are just starting your online business. As soon as you reach a good height, you can switch to the premium version. While the free themes have fewer custom options and can have poor support at times.

On the other hand, premium themes have superior-quality designs and features to work with.

Compared to the free themes, premium themes offer advanced features in quantity. Also, you get seamless customer support. The latest version and theme updates are automatic with the premium version. And the cost is also budget-friendly when you buy a premium theme.


This was a detailed introduction to WordPress Theme Features. We have collected 13 finest features that will help you know more about the themes.

WordPress Themes make your website more innovative along with refining its functionality. Also, they help you find the best theme that goes well with your niche website. I hope this article has given enough details on the WordPress Themes.

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