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We assure our customer the best performance from our products. As a WordPress Theme making and distributing company, we care about your needs. Here you have an authority to create a website for yourself or your client without any critical coding. We are here to help you on each step of your website establishment. Our coders and designers are always there to assist you when you need. But as we are establishing a corporate relationship with you, there are some important rules and regulations that you should know. If you decide to use our products you will have to accept the terms and conditions provided by us. You will be bound to follow them. The terms and conditions may change or update by time. So it’s your responsibility to check the terms each time it gets updated.


 If you are registering on behalf of your client or company, you accept the terms on behalf of them. You as our customer represent the company or your client. Please make sure that you are above 18 years age. That you understand the kind of agreement you are doing. If you are under age 13, please do not use or register for Ovations Themes.

Our Themes

 At Ovations Themes we provide you with the best WordPress themes and plugins that you might need. Our team of coders and designers works hard to give you the best experience with your website. While registration we will need some personal information from you which will be kept secure in our systems. In order to maintain communication, we might contact you through emails. For customer support, you can reach us through our mailing ID. By accepting these terms and conditions you grant us to access the messages and information about your account on our service. You can visit our website without registration, but in order to make transactions, you will have to register information.

Theme License
All the themes available on our website fall under the GNU general public
license.( The GPL license allows you to use our themes on different domains of your choice for either your personal or commercial purposes.

Your Responsibility:-

 By using our service you can establish a website for yourself or for your client. But the responsibility of the content you provide on the website will totally be yours. The company will not be responsible for the content or service you provide through the website. Also, the company has an authority to discontinue the service anytime without any notice. The photographs used in the display of themes are not copyrighted. So if you buy products on the basis of used photographs, they won’t be added into your package. The notification of claimed copyright infringement should be sent to service providers designated office address. 

Prohibited activities on product:- 

 While using our product to create your mark on the internet, you have to follow the guidelines on content. You can’t create content that promotes racism, sexism, terrorism, sexual or mental harassment or spread hatred among the people. You can’t post content or engage in activity that can harm the minors. You can’t engage in activities like transmission of junk mail or spam, you can’t engage in illegal activities. Imposing unreasonable and disproportionate amount of load on our service or hardware or infrastructure, might lead you to restriction from us. You won’t be able to access any service provided by us. Our website also provides a space for users to interact and share reviews on the product. Sections like comment area and review page, you can add your thoughts there. But while doing that you have to respects other’s opinion too. You can’t use absurd language or words when addressing to someone. If you share anything copyrighted without the consent the owner, you will be violating the rules. The service will be restricted if you do so. 

Refund Policy

We make our themes with extreme care and launch them only after rigorous repeated testing, so we believe that our themes will work smoothly without any issue. If you find any issue we have an expert team to help you out. As our themes are digital products and once downloaded it cannot be return, so we don’t accept return although we can always work for the customer if they have any issue.


 Use the service provided by Ovation themes on your own risk. We can add, update or change the information or content provided on our website as per the time needs. You have to keep up with the new trends and updates in the market. We have the authority to stop the service if you violate any of the clauses mentioned above. The Ovation themes won’t be responsible for any damage if the user doesn’t follow the rules and regulations. The limitations of liability are fundamental elements of the contract between Ovation themes and you.                     

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