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Checklist To Buy WordPress Themes

We all know WordPress has a number of themes a user can choose from. There are multiple options in free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes as well. It is often difficult to choose which theme is right or apt for your website and what theme depicts your blog genre at best. Amidst all the confusion of which theme to select, we usually forget the basic points to keep in mind while selecting a perfect WordPress theme.

They say nothing can be crafted to perfection. Well, that is not entirely true. With the right knowledge and guidance you can get a perfect WordPress theme for your WordPress website. Here are some details you need to take care of while choosing your WordPress theme.

List Out Your Requirements.

Identify themes that suit your requirements. Select themes according to your subject and thought process. It is recommended to list out the requirements or features you want in your WordPress theme. If you want your WordPress theme to be perfect it is best to beforehand note down the features you want to add in your WordPress theme. This clarity of thought will help you find a theme that has the features you require and other themes and features will not distract you from your goal. It is usually noticed that people tend to get confused with multiple features available in variety of themes with different colours and fonts which may lead to a lot of confusion and you might not even know where to begin and where to stop. Hence, creating a list of features, colour and fonts beforehand can help you save your time and energy. Words reflect the writer’s personality similarly the theme reflects the stature of your words.

The Simpler, The Better!

In today’s modern day and age, simplicity is considered the best virtue. Subtle colours and easy to read fonts can help you attract more readers as compared to many loud colours and complicated fonts.  Too many colours, complex layouts or flashy animations can complicate your theme for no reason. A user or a reader requires a soothing visual to look at; too much going on, on the page can lead to distraction and sore eyes. You wouldn’t want that for your readers, would you? Hence, it is better to keep it as simple as possible.

Responsive Theme, Responsible You.

Responsive Layout

When you upload a blog, you are responsible for your reader’s time that they are investing in reading information sent out by you. Whether it is creative content or important information you do owe them a delighting and easy reading experience. Hence, you need to make sure your site is responsive to all devices whether that is a personal computer, a laptop, tablet or a mobile device. Your website should be easily viewable on all of the above mentioned devices. It is not a secret that people in their free or leisure time i.e. in the car or even an airplane read from their easy accessible device i.e. a mobile phone or a tablet, hence to make your theme responsive is something you should keep on your top priority list while selecting your perfect WordPress theme. To know whether your theme is responsive to all devices you can resize your theme on other devices and see whether the theme sets correctly and the font size isn’t too small or big. For more thorough testing you can copy the URL of theme’s demo page and paste it in Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page.

Not all browsers are same.

Another important aspect of selecting a theme is to know that they are all browser friendly. It is a possibility that your users or readers are not using the same internet browser as you. For example if your system is using Google Chrome your user might be using Opera or Firefox or any other internet browser that may be installed in their system. Hence, it is important to keep your webpage all browser friendly to provide a hassle free reading experience to you subscribers.

Plug-ins are Important.

Plug-ins are the most important aspect of a WordPress theme. To make a perfect WordPress theme you need to have the correct plug-ins with the correct coding. It has been witnessed that a few developers who provide free WordPress themes provide you with a flawed coding that has no guarantee in the future whatsoever. Hence, to have an accurately coded plug-in theme, should be kept in mind before finalizing a theme.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier

Thoughts are analogous and language is a mere bridge that connects the gap between these thoughts and ideologies. Your message should be explicit, irrespective of any language, as it is not necessary that all your readers speak or read the same language. Therefore, it would be a smart decision to keep your site multilingual and not just in one common language. As a blogger, your main concern is to make your content reach as wide as possible. Having a multilingual or a translation feature available on your page will help you do the same. Hence, choose a theme that is multilingual and supports the translation WordPress plug-in.

Looks always matter.

We often say don’t judge someone by their looks, but we all eventually do the opposite and that’s the harsh reality. First look impressions are always important. What a blogger needs to keep in mind is that the website should have the right colour, the perfect font and an ideal overall look that soothes the reader’s eyes. Too many colour contrast or loud animations can annoy a user who wants a peaceful reading hour. In case if you have a logo, make sure your theme matches your logo. It gives a more authentic look to your website. Similarly, when you do select a font, always keep in mind to not go for something too flashy and in-your-face fonts. It is recommended to use a more subtle and easy to read font. Also, you must make sure that your font size is neither too big nor too small. Always test your website on all devices to ensure the same. Your reader embarks towards a beautiful journey and is lost in the world you create through your mesmerizing words so make sure the theme you provide compliments your words and genre.

Premium has it perks.

We all are aware of the fact that WordPress has thousands of themes that include free as well as paid themes. We would recommend using a premium theme over a free WordPress theme any day. There is a reason why these themes are free, because they are not as good as the paid ones. Free themes are often badly coded and do not provide any support or guarantee whatsoever. One might consider using a free theme at first, but as per our user experience, most of them have regretted using free themes as they do not provide any features and the added features are eventually available in the upgrading version which is again premium. Hence, it is better to buy a premium version before you go through all the trouble.

You can have a detailed list of reasons why premium theme are a better option on the link below: (link)

Ratings and reviews.

Last but not the least, a very important aspect to consider before finalizing your theme is to check out for ratings and reviews. Just as we buy a product online, we do always check its review before buying. Hence, while choosing your perfect WordPress theme, you must always check the reviews. It is not possible that themes wouldn’t have bad reviews, but if the number of bad reviews are higher you must read them very carefully.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can have a perfect WordPress theme for your blog.You can alos choose to go with WordPress Bundle as it has a collection of perfect WordPress Themes in a discounted price.

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