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It is a well-established fact that WordPress is a renowned content management system to build a website. The WordPress website themes are extremely popular as they are loaded with heavy features and plug-ins. These features and plug-in may sometimes cause your website to bloat which would directly affect its functioning. As a result, the user may face many issues related to website performance. 

To achieve a satisfactory user experience here are 10 creative ways through which you can improve your website themes for WordPress. These tricks will enable you to boost the overall performance of your theme give you a user-friendly experience.

improve website themes WordPress

Custom Favicon

Websites designed using themes that are devoid of the Default Favicon may look unprofessional. As Most of the websites of WordPress do not have them, all you need to do is place the code inside the header.php so that it can conveniently be identified inside the theme directory. To point it to your favicon file’s location, the Href attribute’s value then needs to be changed.

Optimizing The Image 

We all know that images play a very important role in WordPress themes; hence the images should be properly optimized to decrease the bandwidth consumption which also improves the page response time. To simply optimize the image, the “Image Optimization Tool” is available. This tool enables you to resize your image without compromising on the overall image quality.


With increasing threats of cyber-attacks, the security of the website has become an important concern and top priority for the owner. To protect the website from malicious attacks and cyber crimes, the user can simply follow the step of removing the generic WordPress generator code placed inside the theme’s tags. By doing this the malefic user will be unable to identify the version of WordPress the owner is using as there won’t be any vulnerabilities of a specific version.

Image Captions

A good caption or tagline never fails to captivate the attention of visitors. Always make sure that your images have an appropriate caption. Furthermore, appropriate information regarding the image should also be described with alluring words to update the client with the specifics of the product or service. Also, make sure to use the default style for image captions, however, if you intend to style your caption, the .wp-caption class in the style.css can be used.

Display Trending Posts

If you intend to engage more visitors on your website make sure you use the trick of displaying posts on trending topics. The WP-Post Views plug-in will enable you to post trending topics.

Social Media Links 

Along with posting trending and popular topics you can also make your website creative and captivating by posting links on social media. Keep in mind, whenever you’re designing the theme don’t forget to include options for social media links. 

Widget Footer

Footer is an equally important element that needs to be included in the theme which may seem trivial to some people. What a well-designed footer can do is, once the visitor has completed checking out your website, an attractive footer that features interesting posts will lure them and increase their surfing time on your website.

Incorporating A Featured Content Gallery

Including Content Gallery enables the user to create a gallery related to their posts to showcase the products and services.

Custom Fields

Your desire to create a standout and attractive theme can be fulfilled by the smart utilization of the custom field. If the custom field is used appropriately, it has the extreme potential to make your theme look extraordinary and unique. 

Add Testimonials

To lure clients, adding testimonials is very essential. A testimonial column that exhibits the reviews of the product and service plays a vital role in convincing the client and building trust eventually increasing sales and profit.


These are a few creative ways in which you can make your website themes look exciting and alluring. These ideas will not just boost the overall performance of the website and its functionality but also make it user-friendly. It shall make your website stand out and enable you to drive traffic and initiate sales.

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