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Features of WordPress: WordPress is currently powering its value covering 43% of the digital market. And the figure is still rising as it is continuously striving to offer the best results.

It covers almost everything from web design, development, blogging, applications, and more. All that offerings are appreciated just because of their flexibility and user-friendliness. But, let me tell you that WordPress offers more than this.

If you are eager to know more about WordPress, then you have hit the right place. We are going to discuss the best features offered by WordPress.

Features of WordPress


Simplicity is the first and the most attractive feature of WordPress. This is why more users get WordPress for their niche websites. Content creation, publishing and development are so simple to use with WordPress. Even beginners can use it to accomplish their business goals with ease.


Almost every type of niche website can be built using WordPress. It can be a personal blog or website, photography website, E-commerce, news site, magazine, etc.

You can choose to design any type of website using WordPress elements like themes and plugins. Even you can build your applications with WordPress.


Technical knowledge is optional to use WordPress for web design. You can easily set up the whole website just in a few minutes. As WordPress is meant to be user-friendly and easy to use as well. You can easily create websites, manage and customize them with ease. Content management is so simple that you don’t need to hire any skilled developer to do this.


Another feature that users love to work with WordPress is its proper management services. WordPress makes it easy to manage all the roles without any clutter. Not everyone has the same management role for the website. Authors write content, administrators control the site and the end users have different profiles. So, this is how every section of the website is managed by a specific role and that too with ease. This also explains that a website needs to have a full contribution in every field.

Media Management

Media is also a vital part of the content you publish on your website. Images and videos are the main storytellers when you publish a post.

WordPress proudly offers the best management to publish media on your website. While uploading images and videos are made super easy in WordPress using the drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, customizing media including alt-text, size, and insert image galleries is also available.

Full Standard Compliance

When you create a website with WordPress, it will work with the standard set by the W3C. As every WordPress-generated code is easily accessible to today’s browsers as well as the upcoming browsers. This means WordPress has put a great foundation for future web development as well. This way your website serves well now and in the future.

Easy Theme System

Earlier, WordPress was only compatible with blogging. But modern development has made WordPress compatible with website design as well. As said, it comes with a flexible interface for designing websites for almost every niche. Therefore, it comes with a wider range of themes suitable for every type of niche website you choose to have.

There is a separate WordPress directory where you will find all the themes. Luckily, all are a single click away.

Quick Installation and Upgrade

There is no doubt that WordPress has been the easiest platform to get your hands on web design. That said, it offers the simplest ways to set up and install the software. While most web hosts allow single-click installation within seconds. Also, once installed, you will get quicker updates that too on a single click away.

Plugin Compatibility

Plugin is another interesting feature that will grace up your web design with WordPress. Plugins play the role of applying extended functionalities to any feature of WordPress. And here, you will find a lot of ready-to-use plugins for almost every type of feature you use. It can be security, SEO, caching, gallery, social media and lots more.

Built-in Comments

Another engaging feature that makes WordPress superior is the built-in comments. You often blog on WordPress or publish posts on your web pages. That said, WordPress offers an in-built commenting option so that a community can build. Here, you can build connections and have vital discussions related to the posts or interact with the audience as well.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the impressive features of WordPress is SEO-friendliness. Most experts have tagged WordPress Themes as a great platform for SEO. As WordPress websites are made with simple codes that are easily indexed by search engines. Also, you will find endless components summing up to acquire good ranks in SEO. And the simplest of all, you can use SEO plugins to set higher ranks.

Easy to translate

As WordPress is spreading its way in the digital world, it is supported by more than 70 languages to offer. And so, users from all over the world are happy to use WordPress for web design. You can choose any language to perform web design and spread it all over the world.


WordPress comes with outstanding ways to import your content to another side. This can be an optional feature when your hosting service is nearer to the end. Or it happens when you need to switch to another website. It professionally comes with importers like Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and more such importers.

Data Ownership

Data Ownership is the smart feature that enables users to own their websites individually. No other person or any other service can be authorized to use your website until your permission. That said, you can control which content is published or which data is used. Or you can even decide to remove adverts that annoy you while using the website.

Social Media Integration

The world is running with social media and thankfully WordPress supports this feature. It comes with a solid integration with social media to promote your website gracefully. Social media gives an extended advantage to promoting your business by linking them to the website. You don’t even need to log in to your social accounts separately. As there are social media icons or plugins available that enable easy integration.


The article had a detailed view for those who are unaware of the best Features of WordPress. With all the above features, you must be more clear about choosing WordPress as your web design platform. Not just blogging, but any niche website can be easily designed when supported by WordPress. And more such features are elaborated to have a look.

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